Why Do Google Algorithm Changes Matter?

Why Do Google Algorithm Changes Matter?

The Google algorithms are computer processes and formulas that look through thousands, if not millions, of webpages for a typical search and find the most helpful information for the user. Today’s Google algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or “clues” that make it possible to guess what the user might be searching for. These signals come in a wide variety, such as the terms on a website, the freshness of content, a user’s specific region and PageRank.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and define what PageRank is exactly. PageRank is one of Google’s algorithm’s/tools used to ensure that their users are receiving the most insightful, useful and meaningful content. PageRank is broken up into a few different sections: system features, related work, system anatomy, results and performance as well as conclusions. Within each of these sections they are broken down even further but that is a very complex and very long discussion.


Why does this matter to my website?

The reason Google’s algorithms matter to your website and ultimately to your buyers is because these algorithms are the reason and the way your buyers first come in contact with your website while they are in the discovery phase of their buyer’s journey. The discovery phase of a buyer’s journey is when they have an issue but do not quite know what the solution to it may be. The reason they are searching the web is to find a solution or information about their problem. Wouldn’t you like to be the solution to their problem?  Turn these strangers towards your company and ultimately into promoters of your company.

Let’s take a moment to be very clear, Google does not care about your website specifically, they care about making sure their users receive the most valuable content they can provide.


Penguin 4.0

With the latest version of Google’s Penguin algorithm it is even more crucial to stay on top of your website. Google’s data is refreshed in real time with the latest Penguin release, so changes will be visible much faster; typically taking effect shortly after a recrawl and reindex is completed. With all these changes it is imperative that your marketing team stays on top of these changes and is ensuring that they are hitting the key points that affect your PageRank.


How we can help.

If by the end of this article you have learned something or now have a question in the back of your mind, whether your marketing team is keeping up with these updates and ensuring your content is presenting the most insightful, useful, meaning and freshest content, contact us today. We would love to talk to you more about your buyer’s journey, the inbound methodology and ultimately how we can help your business reach your buyers.


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