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Remember a time when the only valuable and trustworthy information you could get about a product or service was from someone that had purchased and experienced it for themselves? Your best friend would rave about the newest store in the mall, your coworker would tell you about the amazing dinner they had out the night before, your neighbor would gladly give you a sales pitch on their preferred brand of weed killer, and so on and so on. The same logic is true today that we value the opinion of those that have tried the service or product before us, but with a brand-new twist.
With modern advancements in technology and a growing number of the jobs and social events moving to a virtual space, the time we have for connection and certainly word of mouth marketing has shifted. The truth is, in our fast-paced society we value information that is straight to the point and answers our immediate questions about a product. That explains why more than 80% of people have made a habit of turning to search engines to give feedback on products, services and even businesses as a whole.

How does your company perceive itself?

What is the current vision of your business? What are your company values and how do they relate to the products or services you offer? Try to brainstorm a few words that you would think of if you were a new customer experiencing your business for the first time. Are you a small-town repair shop, or are you an up-and-coming foreign car service department? The words you come up with to describe your company are essentially your idea of what makes your business its most authentic self.

How does the public perceive your company / brand?

In order to gather information on how the public perceives your business, you’ll need to do some investigating. Search for your business online as if you were a random individual seeking solutions to a problem they have. Did your business show up as a recommendation? Are the product descriptions or service explanations accurate to your current business offerings? Does your brand have a mainly positive connotation, or could your reviews use some TLC?

Bridging the gap so that you can get found online

Minimizing the gray area between how your company perceives itself and how the public perceives it is the main goal of our Reputation Management services. The more aligned your online reputation is with your company vision, the greater customer satisfaction and loyalty your business will experience.

The real cost of a bad review

Getting the occasional less than five-star review can feel like a total loss. Not only are you seeing the feedback, but everyone that searches for your business is now seeing it too.

Not giving the feedback any attention could reflect poorly on your perceived company morals, but with the right strategies in place and a solid reputation management partnership, you can turn a bad review into an opportunity. When you can successfully convert a disgruntled customer into one that will likely return, especially in the public eye of your social media or online following, your credibility and online reputation skyrocket. It’s simply human nature to pay more attention to the hard-hitting reviews rather than the sugar-coated ones. That’s why our team highly recommends partnering with professionals to monitor your brand as well as engage in both positive and negative feedback.

Optimize your online credibility with a reputation management partnership

With the sheer quantity of websites, blogs, social media platforms and review sites floating around the web, it can sometimes become overwhelming to keep track of them all on a regular basis. Luckily, you’ve got help from a team of highly skilled professionals that know all of the places to look online for opportunities to develop a more positive brand appearance. We’ve also got years of experience in a variety of industry types and can help you create a path that unifies your company self-image and the perceived image of your brand from the public’s point of view.

Social Media and your online reputation determine how you get found online

Social media has rapidly evolved to become a collective tool we use to keep in touch and share ideas with anyone of our choosing at any given time. This ability to instantly share an experience with your friends and family has been revolutionary in the progression of word-of-mouth marketing tactics. Rather than focusing on press conferences and networking events, today’s reputation management strategies are more engaging and personal.
Social media has given companies the ability to directly reach out to customers in an effort to repair any unfavorable experiences or to answer any questions that may come up.

What is Reputation Automation?

Statistics suggest that almost 80% of all reviews online originated from an email asking a customer to rate their recent purchase or service experience. The email sent is a great example of a reputation automation service that can simplify your brand management strategy.
Our reputation automation team will identify potential opportunities to reach out to customers for feedback and implement campaigns that request and collect review data on an ongoing basis. This strategy requires little to no input from you and is great for keeping your team focused on daily business operations rather than what customers are saying online. We can also route each feedback response directly to your business email for further staff review so that everything your customers are saying online can be conveniently found in your inbox as well.

Give your business reputation a boost to get found online in a positive way

In a time where we consult the internet for opinions – and base our decisions on the experiences of people we’ve never met – the importance of knowing what is being said about your brand online as well as actively engaging in customer feedback is critical to customer satisfaction. Partner with our digital advertising agency to give your company the online and public image that it deserves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online reputation?

Online reputation refers to the perception that online users have about your business based on its digital presence. This includes everything from Google reviews, comments on your social media posts, your responses to those comments, the content you post online, and the overall public perception of your brand on the internet.

How does reputation management work?

Reputation management works by monitoring and influencing your business’s online reputation. The management process involves identifying what people are saying about your business, responding to both positive and negative comments, and using online reputation management strategies to create and maintain a positive digital reputation. Remember, your customers are going to view you online before they ever step foot in your door.

How do I check my company’s reputation?

Checking your company’s online reputation involves several steps. Start by searching your company online to see what shows up, monitor and assess your Google reviews, and pay attention to what’s being said on social media, as well. Review management tools can help with this process, enabling you to keep track of your business’s online presence, with the many listings of your business that exist on the web.

What is a negative part of being in an online community?

A negative part of being in an online community is that it can open your business up to public criticism. Negative comments, reviews, or false information can spread quickly, potentially damaging your online reputation. However, with a proactive reputation management plan, these negatives can be addressed effectively and even turned into opportunities for demonstrating excellent customer service.

How do you respond to a bad review?

Responding to a bad review is a key part of online reputation management. Start by thanking the person for their feedback, then apologize and address the problem they’ve highlighted. Offer a solution or ask them to contact you directly to resolve the issue. This not only helps with the individual customer but also shows others that you’re committed to excellent customer service.

How is advertising different from a comment from a regular consumer?

Advertisements are created and controlled by businesses to promote their products or services. On the other hand, comments from regular consumers, or user-generated content, are authentic, unsolicited opinions about your business. While both can influence your online reputation, comments from consumers often carry more weight as they’re seen as more trustworthy.

Can you remove a negative review from Yelp or Google?

It’s challenging to remove a negative review from Yelp or Google unless it violates their review policies. If it does, you can flag it for removal. Otherwise, the best approach is to respond to the review professionally and address the issues raised. Demonstrating that you take customer feedback seriously can have a positive impact on your online reputation.

Do I need to respond to good reviews?

Yes, responding to good reviews is a good practice in reputation management. It shows your customers that you appreciate their feedback and reinforces the positive aspects of your business. It also enhances customer engagement and loyalty.

How do I improve my Google business rating?

Improving your Google business rating involves providing excellent customer service, actively asking customers for reviews, responding professionally to all reviews, and regularly updating your Google My Business profile with relevant and helpful information. We are here to help you take those next steps and improve your business’s Google ratings through our comprehensive reputation management services.

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