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In a world where virtually everything we are looking for can be found online and search engines are our compass, landing in the top five for search results related to your business is more crucial to your success than you may realize.

Just think about the last time you scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked on the tiny number “2” to continue sifting through search results. It’s more likely than not that you would opt to stop at the end of page one and make a selection from that pool of results.

The vast majority of people will take it one step further – or back depending on how you look at it – and choose a search result that falls within the top five websites listed.

Now imagine your business not only appeared in the top ranking for search results but also potentially showed up on the front page for other rich results as well, such as local listings, business cards, questions people ask, and more.  Now that’s what we like to call the power of optimization!

From local to international with the help of SEO

Without a powerful SEO strategy, your business could potentially be limited to only capturing the attention of those that already know about the company or those referred by word of mouth. This way of thinking may have been efficient enough in decades past, but in the digital age it could be detrimental to your operations.

As a small business, and even large businesses too, the benefit of placing in the top slots on the search result charts could be your rise to fame. Now, when potential customers are searching for your products or services, they will gain a sense of confidence and trust simply due to your high search rankings.

Chances are, your competitors are already cooking up a great SEO strategy, or worse – They are already dominating the top search results.

Advantages of partnering with a search marketing group

Without the help of a professional search marketing group, optimizing your website for search engines can be hit or miss. It’s true that you can take a “DIY” approach to search engine optimization, but in order to achieve the best measurable results you’ll need an ample amount of time, resources and knowledge to generate an effective strategy and implement the right tactics to suit your individual challenges.

To help your business get found online for every applicable search query, our search marketing group has perfected the strategic use of keyword-formulated original content and technical implementation for optimizing each of your website pages. With the everchanging nature of the internet, and search engines in particular, your organic content and accompanying strategies may need to be adjusted from time to time to keep your rankings high.

Our SEO clients enjoy the peace of mind that their websites are constantly being analyzed and optimized to rank them higher than competitor sites. Our team is highly skilled in implementing off-page optimization tactics in addition to the on-page strategies search marketing groups are known for offering. Depending on our initial assessment of your company’s site, we can often boost search rankings by improving overall website health and performance. Based on our findings, we may recommend technical fixes or improvements to the website speed as part of your customized SEO strategy.

Should your business pursue a new SEO strategy partnership?

Businesses with an existing website

Sometimes businesses launch a website for their brand that works well for getting them through the “startup” phases. Eventually, and with good fortune, the company will unsurprisingly outgrow the current site and need something more professional or complex. Whether your company website needs slight content modifications or a complete redesign and overhaul, our expert team of SEO Consultants have the industry experience to help your new and improved site get found online.
Businesses operating without an existing website

Many of our clients have businesses that have been in operation since well before the search engine revolution. Even though business might have been booming as is, these clients saw the times changing before them and chose to evolve. These true entrepreneurial characteristics are the strategies needed to remain relevant in an ever-changing online environment.

With the help of our knowledgeable SEO specialists, and the creativity of our skilled website developers, our team creates high-functioning sites that are high-ranking and produce real, measurable results.

Businesses launching a new company website

If your company is just getting started, a website can be a great tool to increase your exposure and capture new customers. Getting found online is something our search marketing group can help you with from the ground up. Our experienced team of web developers offer a multitude of services to help create your dream site, as well as optimizing existing sites for maximum functionality and speed.

Whether building a website from scratch or optimizing and publishing a pre-existing site, the advantages of an accompanying SEO strategy are equally beneficial. Instead of launching a site lacking in optimization tactics to cut costs and corners, imagine launching a site that immediately jumps to the top search engine rankings being seen – and clicked on – before your competitors’ sites. Now that’s a true way to get found online!

SEO Consultants with Serious Experience

With clients doing business in all industries paired with years of experience, Curiosity Marketing Group has grown to become a nationwide recognized choice among SEO Consultants. Our search engine optimization strategies are unique and custom tailored to best fit your individual needs.

Take the first step in creating the greatest strategy you can employ to get found online by reaching out to us and setting up an initial, zero obligation consultation. We’ll listen to your specific wants and needs and brainstorm creative solutions to exceed your every expectation with clear and open communication throughout the entire process.

Our proven search engine optimization results speak for themselves, and with the help of our search marketing group, your company growth will do the same!

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Increased Rental Bookings

All Seasons 30A Collection has seen a 20% increase in direct rental bookings.


Increased Appointment Bookings

Bluewater Plastic Surgery has seen a 50% increase in appointments.


Increased Organic Traffic

Paradise Adventures has seen a 50% increase in organic web traffic.


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