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In its early days, social media was a place you could occasionally check in with friends and family any time you logged in or dialed up the internet on a computer. Since then, social media platforms have evolved and progressed to the point of being part of our day to day lives.

For some people, the last thing they do before going to bed and the first thing they do after waking up in the mornings is grabbing their phone from the nightstand and tuning in to their online world. With the average person spending close to two hours per day on social media, that’s 14 hours of opportunities per week to interact with potential customers!

Using Social Media to Get Found Online

Think of social media platforms like coffee shops. If every customer that came into your shop on a given day carried a to-go coffee cup with them, given the opportunity would you let the coffee shop owner pass out your business cards? Of course you would – And without hesitation! It’s the basic principle of putting your brand in a convenient location for your customers to come across on a regular basis, increasing the likelihood that they will choose to visit your store.

Take these same principles and apply them to the online realm of social media. Your brand has the opportunity to appear on your customers’ news feeds, explore pages, and even as mentions or check ins on friends’ posts.

Cutting costs with a social media marketing strategy

Unlike traditional marketing tactics such as print advertising, social media marketing requires very little, if any, initial investment to start capturing the attention of prospective customers. In fact, creating an account on any given platform is completely free to everyone. This makes it a great marketing tool for any size business in any industry.

Depending on the goals your company sets for the social media campaign, agencies can optimize your unique strategy within your specific budget. Managing company profiles, customer engagement, scheduling and branded content all while trying to operate your business can become overwhelming. Instead of missing out on valuable opportunities for relationship marketing, partner with a reputable social media marketing agency to get the most out of your social media presence.

Partnering with a Social Media Marketing Agency

Letting a trustworthy social media marketing agency take control of your online platforms can be a great business decision that leads to the development of a great social media marketing strategy and eventually the growth of your sales.

Our team at Curiosity is a leading provider of Panama City social media marketing services and is continuously expanding by leaps and bounds to serve businesses across the country. The services we provide are custom tailored to best meet your needs and are therefore able to be scaled to fit within any size budget. The investment made to support your social media marketing strategy is completely up to you and can be revisited at your discretion.

A tested and proven social media marketing strategy

For years our clients have experienced the growth and recognition that a solid social media marketing agency can bring to your business. The strategies and methods we use have been tested and proven to produce real, measurable results that wouldn’t be possible by simply posting organically. Although, for those businesses wanting to minimize pay per click (PPC) advertising tactics in their strategy, letting a social media marketing agency produce on-brand organic content for posting is a great way to improve overall social aesthetic and brand unity.

How your brand can get found online

If you’ve been posting according to schedule and utilizing different platforms but lack the level of engagement from customers that you were hoping for, it could point to a weakness in brand exposure. Knowing how to create compelling posts with attention grabbing graphics and pictures is something our social media marketing agency is best known for! We combine the insights of niche industry research and the power of our social media tactics to showcase your brand in a way that engages your target audience in the places they’re most receptive to it.

Implementing a social media marketing strategy to improve customer service

With the ability to interact with customers on social platforms in a more personal manner, the opportunities for improving your customer service are endless! Our agency can keep you engaged in all online customer interactions, making your audience feel personally connected to your brand. Social media engagement can also be used as a great tool to discover feedback from your existing customers as well as prospective customers. Why try to guess what your customers want when you could just ask them? Being open to online feedback also allows for opportunities to discover things you could offer in the future to secure a new customer segment.

Boosting site traffic and SEO rankings

Being that search engines heavily saturate search results with information from social media, having a robust social media campaign can only help your ability to get found online. With an ample amount of branded content and social engagement, your company could easily flood all 10 of the top search results on page one. The more credible and engaging your social media presence is, the more chances you have to lead people to your products and/or service offerings.

Ready to launch your social media marketing strategy?

Contact our team of social media gurus to set up your initial strategy consultation. We’ll learn all about your business and the things important to you so that we can build out the best campaign to meet your company goals while honoring your specified budget. Get back to running your business and let us handle your social media presence. There’s a reason we’re the most trusted name in Panama City social media marketing. Partner with us and let the results speak for themselves.


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Our Proven Results

Increased Outreach

Grease Pro has seen an increase from about 5,000 to over 25,000 in their Facebook reach across 11 locations.


Increased Follower Generation

Emerald Coast Fellowship has seen an 30% increase in organic follower generation.


Increased Page Reach

Emerald Coast Fellowship has seen a 30% increase in average page reach.


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