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Have you ever received a mass mailing postcard and thrown it directly into the trash? Perhaps thought to yourself, “what a waste of money and resources” because it’s advertising something you neither want nor need? Every year, less and less companies are putting their efforts into traditional marketing strategies and instead are turning to the exciting new world of pay per click, also known as PPC, and digital advertising.

What exactly is PPC advertising?

In its simplest form, pay per click advertisements provide a way to reach site visitors very quickly as opposed to trying to attract them by using only organic methods. The internet is full of PPC advertising networks that allow companies to bid on keywords they think their customers are searching for. For example, Google is close to, if not the most commonly used PPC advertising network to date.

How does PPC advertising work?

Pay per click advertising is different from most traditional advertising tactics in the fact that you only pay a fee after your ad is clicked on. The cost per click (CPC for short) is largely determined by the amount of companies placing bids for that specific keyword, and the placement of your advertisement. On social media platforms, advertisements can be displayed as feed posts and banner ads on the side of the page. Almost all platforms now have an intelligent PPC advertising module built in to help you create campaigns.

Targeting your audience

Being able to pinpoint specific customer criteria to determine who to show your ad to increases the likelihood of a campaign’s success. In most PPC digital advertising campaigns, you can show an individual your branded advertisement based on geography, keywords searched for, personal interests, age, gender, language and even what type of device they are using.

Partnering with a Pay Per Click Advertising Agency

Navigating the fast-paced world of digital advertising and PPC management can be time consuming and sometimes quite tricky. Let our PPC agency take care of all the details, and we’ll report the real, measurable results to you and your team.

We’ve got years of experience with PPC optimization and running digital advertising campaigns for large companies, small businesses and everything in between. Our team of Google Ad specialists know how to identify which tactics produce a high ROI (Return on Investment) on ad spend and which ones don’t for your unique business needs.

Our paid advertising services

At Curiosity, we are a full service pay per click advertising agency and Google Ads Partner agency that specializes in highly successful digital advertising campaigns. After an initial PPC consultation with our Google Ads specialist, you’ll have a good understanding of the strategic course of action best for your ad campaign. We may recommend anything from designing landing pages to direct PPC traffic to, or even tweaking your existing site content to better support the optimization of targeted keywords.

Keyword Research

Any great digital advertising campaign starts with researching and hand selecting keywords that your customers are searching for but aren’t oversaturated with competitor bids. This requires a knowledge of what kinds of terms are generally most successful. Keywords are best determined by the main goal of the advertising campaign, specific industry the business is competing in, and the saturation of competition in that industry.

Popular keywords are usually considered to have a higher cost per click (CPC), so it’s important to optimize your keywords to include those that are both relevant and cost-effective. One reason pay per click advertising is so popular among small businesses is because you get to decide the maximum spending for each keyword in your campaign before the ad even launches.

Let our professional Google Ads agency simplify the process of selecting keywords for your campaign that are sure to lead customers straight to your business.

Ad campaign management

After launching your first campaign with our pay per click digital advertising agency, you’ll gain access to promotional insights and metrics to monitor the individual keyword success rates. A successful ad campaign should yield a high return on ad spend, meaning a visit to your site is worth more than you paid for it. Your click through rate should also be high as it relates directly to site conversions and sales.

Thanks to in depth and trackable ad performance, you’ll know which ads are converting leads and facilitating real sales and which ones could be better optimized for success.

Google Ad campaigns

With Google being a leader in PPC advertising platforms, it’s highly beneficial for businesses to partner with Google Ad specialists that have experience in competing for ad placement. Think back to the last thing you searched Google for. Did you notice that the top three returned search results were all sponsored advertisements? Truth be told, those top three advertisements secure approximately 75% of all clicks for any given keyword.

At Google it is common practice for potential advertisers to be ranked based on size, relevancy, and price of bid placed. This makes it important to truly optimize your keyword choices in order to improve your chances of having an ad shown.


With the power of PPC, you can take it a step further and even show ads based on the specific actions individuals can take. Statistics suggest that out of every 100 people that visit any given website, on average, only two individuals will end up completing a sale. And that’s just an average across all industries. That figure can vary, for better or worse, depending on what industry your business is in.

This opens up a great opportunity to remind the other 98 people who didn’t complete a purchase that they missed out on your products, or that you have new products coming soon, or even that the product they abandoned in their cart is now on sale. This practice is known as retargeting and is often a successful way to revisit leads in the hopes that they will return and convert to a customer.

Let us be your go-to pay per click advertising agency

Our clients have experienced tremendous levels of growth and countless months of boosted sales thanks to our results-driven approach to digital advertising and wide range of PPC services. Let us give your website the attention it deserves with targeted ads that lead customers straight to it from the top of the search results page.

It’s time to put your business ahead of the competition.

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Low CPC on Facebook

Grease Pro's Facebook advertising cost per click (CPC) is 1300% under industry standard.


Low CPC on Google

Grease Pro's Google advertising cost per click (CPC) is 431% under industry standard.

High CTR on Google

Grease Pro's Google advertising click through rate (CTR) is 2.5x higher than the industry standard.


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