What’s the difference between CTV, OTT, and Linear TV?

What’s the difference between CTV, OTT, and Linear TV?

When it comes to getting your television ad on the air in front of thousands of eyes to see, there are a few new routes to take, thanks to ever-advancing technology. We know what you’re thinking, but trust us – The differences between each advertising channel are not as complicated as they may seem! Stick with us, and we’ll make it short, sweet and to the point.

Connected TV (CTV)

CTV encompasses any internet-connected device that can stream content online, such as smart TVs, gaming systems, and streaming sticks. Connected TV has been quietly revolutionizing the advertising industry. In a nutshell, Connective TV is a way for advertisers to put their message in front of potential customers through streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix. So, while you are relaxing on your couch with snacks in-hand streaming your favorite show or movie, Connected TV advertisements make sure that you get a glimpse of what’s being offered on the market along the way. 

Connected TV offers tremendous value to advertisers as it allows them to target very specific audiences and measure success closely— something most traditional marketing channels undeniably lack. All things considered, Connected TV advertising provides an easy and efficient way to reach large audiences without spending too much money. We say it’s definitely worth checking out!

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Over the Top (OTT)

OTT refers to any streaming service that allows users to access content without a cable or satellite subscription (e.g. Disney Plus, Netflix). Over the Top (OTT) advertising is taking the marketing world by storm because it utilizes various streaming services to reach consumers where they’re watching their favorite shows. OTT bridges the gap between TV networks and advertisers by targeting viewers who actually engage with advertisements. Instead of simply showing a 30-second spot between segments, OTT ads can hold viewers’ attention longer by mixing elements from both television and digital advertising formats – providing endless opportunities for personalized and interactive campaigns. We know, it almost sounds too good to be true – But it is! All in all, it’s great news for businesses who are looking for innovative methods for reaching their target audience!

Linear TV

Linear TV is the traditional cable television you’re used to. Think of it as “linear programming” because one program follows another in chronological order. Linear TV reaches viewers on scheduled television programming with video commercials, making them ideal for long-term campaigns and larger target audiences. Linear TV can be a great way to reach a large audience and communicate your message – but it can also be expensive and time-consuming.

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Creating a Diverse Ad Strategy

With Linear TV, Over the Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising on the rise, creating a diverse TV ad strategy is more important than ever. We’ve got you covered! To stand out from the competition, we take an omnichannel approach that reaches consumers across a variety of media outlets. Integrating Linear TV with OTT and CTV is the cornerstone of any smart advertising campaign with goals of reaching a wider audience. After all, why limit yourself to just one option when you can have it all? Let’s do this!

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