How to Build a Strong Wellness Marketing Strategy: Establish the right tools

How to Build a Strong Wellness Marketing Strategy: Establish the right tools

The establishment of tools and process is the next step to have a successful digital marketing presence. Define the tools and roles of your team to help your content marketing to flow timely and consistently.

To help your content flow timely, establish a calendar for your team. Your team needs to know your upcoming goals and plans for the practice. Calendars can also help measure your successes.

To create effective content consistently, a content management system is a necessity. This is the software that organizes your content and publishes it online.

An example of a content management system is HubSpot. It is used by thousands of businesses and they love it. “Since implementing HubSpot’s software and inbound marketing methodology, we have grown organic traffic by 450%. We’ve been able to optimize the business that comes from those visits, too; our inbound lead-to-win conversion rate continues to increase.” –LevelEleven.

Defining team roles is an important step in establishing a strong digital marketing presence. There are six roles to establish for your team.

  1. The leader: This person’s main goal is to lead and guide others on the team and keep the schedule moving.
  2. The researcher: This team member needs to have a strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization. They also keep the practice up-to-date on search algorithms, requirements for faster ranking, and ad bid managements.
  3. The writer: In order for the business to be successful, content must be written. Having a writer on your team is necessary to keep content across all platforms- website, blog, social media, etc.
  4. The coder: It is important for content to link back to your website. The website coder is responsible for this step.
  5. The data miner: A team member that is designated to this task helps manage and drive your strategy solution and provide analytics and reporting for the time
  6. The bonus:The last person is a “bonus” for the team. The 6th team member is responsible for creativity with design ideas.

It is the leader’s responsibility to keep the team on track. “Websites that are packed with good quality content have long enjoyed benefits of high search engine positions and good conversion rates (Inbound Now).” Questions to keep in mind when generating content are:

  • • Who is the target market?
  • • What is the purpose of the content?
  • • How does this attract our patients?
  • • How is the content being measured?

Have a guide in place for your team. This will help them streamline production and keep the practice consistent.


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