Adobe XD – A Game Changer

Adobe XD – A Game Changer

Adobe is always looking for ways to offer its customers new, effective, and innovative tools to help their workflow, and they hit the nail on the head with Adobe XD. In case you missed it, XD stands for Experience Design and was released about a year ago, on Apple devices as a beta program and has recently been released to Windows 10 users. The whole point of XD is to help designers and developers prototype websites for the production team and clients to see their website in action.

Currently, when a design firm, like ourselves, begins a new project it goes through six stages before launching; Research, Wireframing, Design, Prototyping, Proofing, and finally, Development. The current workflow from research to launch often involves bringing in a developer to code the prototype for review, which increases time and cost of the project.

Not any longer! This is the game changing part; with Adobe XD the new workflow is like this: Research, Wireframing, Design / Prototyping, Proofing, and then Development. That’s only five steps from start to finish! XD has changed the way the web development process works.  The designer is now the team member that prototypes the design.  As they design, the program builds a prototype and the assets for the development stage are being produced at the same time. The prototype can then be sent to other team members and the client where they can comment on the pages as they review them.

This program is currently still in beta, and Adobe has promised loads of features to be added, but we at Curiosity are already using this program because we want to make sure we are offering the most innovative design techniques and services to our clients.

If you have questions on our process and how we can use it to help you with your digital marketing campaigns, contact us today!


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