High End Medical Practice with Need for More Patients
Branding / Web Design & Development / SEO / Reputation Management

Bluewater Plastic Surgery came to us with many things that needed to be done. From cleaning up their logo for consistency to multiple location optimization. We rolled up our sleeves and were able to get them found by new patients.

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Branding / Web Design & Development / SEO / Reputation Management

When we say we rolled up our sleeves, we took the gloves off on this one and went bare-knuckled to make sure we could not hold anything back. The client called us in, even after a previous agency had made them hesitant to work with a new one. As always with our clients, we discussed everything along the way, and overall the process improved quickly. The trust we built with the client came fast with our results, and since then, we have continually proven we can perform. The first step was to build a new website that showed off the client's procedures. We developed a complex Before and After Gallery with filter capabilities and is streamlined to get the prospective patient to the procedure they are looking for quickly. But what good is a new site without traffic, right? Generating new site visitors is where we really shine. We took to Local listings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and looking at ways to further develop the Practice's digital DNA. After a few months of content updates and local listing optimizations and creations, we are happy to say that our client is booked-out for months. There is still more work to be done, but to this point, our client is fully-booked and getting more patient requests each day.

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50% Increase in Appointments

The updated website and all-around optimization continues to work and increasingly build upon the number of new patients.

Page 1 Rankings for Popular Procedure Terms

When we started the partnership with Bluewater Plastic Surgery, we could not find them anywhere. Now, 1st-page search rankings help build their traffic for many of their highest-volume procedures.


40% Drop in Bounce Rate

No one likes to see a high rate of customers immediately leave after coming to the site. In Bluewater's case, it was precisely that. With proper planning and careful execution, we have been able to get the bounce rate down to industry standards. But we aren't done yet!

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