What is Whitespace and How can it Help?

What is Whitespace and How can it Help?

What is Whitespace?

Whitespace is one of the most overlooked aspects of design and it is often pushed to the side for the sake of fitting as much information as possible into the space provided, whether that is digital or print. It does not always have to be white, that is why some designers call this space “negative space,” which just means “space left blank.”

Whitespace is divided into two categories:

  • Active Whitespace: the space that was left white on purpose to drive home a message or create emphasis on a design element.
  • Passive Whitespace: the space that was left white naturally while making the layout of the design.


How Can Whitespace Help Your Design?


1. Whitespace Improves Readability

We have all seen designs that look too busy, this often clutter look makes it hard for us to understand the message quickly and easily. This is usually because of the lack of Whitespace. These designs aren’t necessarily bad, the designer may have done this on purpose, but if you’re ever wanting people to quickly and easily read and understand your message, you may want to increase the Whitespace.


2. Creates Professional and Sophisticated Designs

Take into considerations some of the world’s most recognizable brands, such as Apple or Google. All these brands share a very similar design aspect: simple, clean, and lots of Whitespace. Let’s look at Apple’s website, both of these are great examples of how Whitespace can portray a professional and sophisticated personality about the Apple brand.


3. Creates Emphasis on Your Product

Looking back at Apple’s website again, you are immediately drawn to the center of the page where you see their newest product. Having a large amount of Whitespace around the focal point of the design helps the reader quickly find what you are trying to convey and often makes it much more impactful. Don’t forget, as said, “Whitespace is as effective in a layout as type.”


Are Your Users Getting the Message?

These are just a few major impacts that Whitespace can have on your buyers. It is getting more and more difficult in today’s online world to make your business stand out and draw buyers in. Having the right amount of Whitespace can help, so take a look at your web design and ask, is this getting the message to my buyers? Is it portraying the professional feel that it should? Is my product or brand standing out or falling behind my competitors? If you are unsure about any of these or answered no, contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help make sure your brand is making waves.


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