Industry Best Practices for Geotactics

Industry Best Practices for Geotactics

Geotargeting is a rather new tactic for marketing. It allows companies to create targeted ads based on the location of the person you want to see the ad. So, what does that mean for you? Well, simply put, it means more traffic. Specifically, it means that the traffic you are receiving is targeted more accurately and that your audience is being shown important information about your business at the time when it is most crucial when they are close by.

What can Geotactics do for you?

Have you ever been out of town on vacation and gotten hungry? Most of us have. You pick up your phone, open google, and type in “food near me.” For this example, we are going to say “pizza.” Geotargeting allows you to see every pizza place within a set distance from your location. Awesome, right? Well, that can happen for anything. Pizza, clothing, cars, mechanic shops, marketing companies, and more! We can help integrate geotargeting for you, or you can use these 5 best practices to make your own geotargeting efforts efficient and successful!

Be One with the Locals

If you are using geotargeting to capture the audience of a specific area, do your research and make sure that your ad makes you sound like one of the locals. This is important. If you sound like someone who has never been to a place and knows nothing about the culture, it’s more likely someone will choose a company that does have that voice.

Optimize Your Ads

Make sure that your geotargeting is optimized in a way that considers your available open hours and high-traffic times at your location. The worst-case scenario is that someone sees your advertisement and they want to give you their business, but you aren’t even open to accommodate them.

Test Small, Launch Big

Test your ad campaigns in an exceedingly small and localized area to see if they are going to perform well before launching them on a larger scale. You want to make sure that people are accepting of what you have before more eyes are made aware of your ads.

Check, and Then Check Again

When it comes to geotargeting, you want to make sure that you are targeting the correct area. You may have put in “London” but were not aware that it was sending you to London, Kentucky, and not London, England. This is definitely an important distinction, to say the least.

Exclude Poor Performing Areas

If you have launched an ad campaign that has integrated geotactics and it is performing well in some areas while it is a flop in others, don’t be scared to remove those areas from the ad. Maybe even try some other areas or criteria. You never know where you may see the most success!

How can a professional advertising agency help?

So, now you know a bit about what geotactics are and some tips on how to use them efficiently. If you’re curious as to how the professionals at Curiosity Marketing Group can help. Partnering with a professional geotactics ad agency doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the appropriate resources and expertise, your business can benefit from taking work off of your plate and getting the experts involved. Not only will you gain access to experienced personnel that know how to maximize results, but you’ll also save time and money. When you partner with our professional advertising company, there’s no need to worry about tackling complex tasks without the correct knowledge – we’ll do it all for you!

Let us make your curiosity a reality – Contact us today to integrate geotactics into your advertising strategy!


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