Google’s Helpful Content Update and What it Means for Your Website

Google’s Helpful Content Update and What it Means for Your Website

Ah, the good old days of SEO! Back when keyword stuffing like a maniac was rank-worthy behavior and most web content wasn’t worth its weight in pixels. Although some corners are still cut today, Google’s cracking down by finding ways to reward quality over quantity. Trustworthy websites are rising through the ranks as authorities once again, and we’re here for it! Let’s dive deep into Google’s Helpful Content Update and what it means for your website.

What does Google identify as “helpful content”?

Google recently implemented the Google’s Helpful Content Update, which seeks to identify and prioritize helpful content when surfacing search results. Google defines “helpful content” as articles, tutorials, or other information that are useful to users who are looking for solutions to a problem. Google recognizes that such content not only helps users but also encourages them to come back and search again in the future. Knowing this, Google is now taking proactive steps to ensure that users find the most helpful information when using Google Search as their go-to source for finding answers.

Create content that boosts rankings.

What should you do to get ready for the helpful content algorithm update?

Google’s Helpful Content Update is here, and it’s time to get with the times! Google is currently looking for longer and more in-depth content that offers real value. To stay ahead of the competition, you should focus on high-quality, fresh content and readability. First and foremost, stay organized! Content needs to be clear, consistent, and well-labeled so Google can properly categorize it. 

Take some time to optimize titles, meta descriptions, and images. If a user is searching for something, make sure they are able to quickly identify what’s relevant to them. Also, make sure to review your content periodically for accuracy and relevancy. Having up-to-date information is essential in ensuring that users find the most helpful content from Google Search. Additionally, make sure you are posting regularly and optimizing content for Google’s featured snippets. All these steps will help ensure that Google shows your content before others of similar nature.

Ranking high on Google with a professional SEO agency

The recent Helpful Content Update is Google’s way of rewarding top-quality content with higher rankings, so it’s easy to understand why utilizing the expertise of our professional SEO agency is more important than ever if you want to be seen by Google. SEO can seem like a foreign language to many business owners, but that doesn’t mean you need to be left behind. Investing in SEO can boost your web presence and get your company ranked higher on the world’s most popular search engine – Google. Your SEO efforts are sure to pay off with the help of our SEO agency, bringing you more leads and opportunities than ever before!

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