Flash Is Dead

Flash Is Dead

Have you ever visited a website, either on your mobile device or on your desktop and get an error asking you to install Adobe Flash? Most people have and it is extremely frustrating.

While the web industry has been slowly phasing out support for Flash over past few years, Adobe announced on July 24th that the once internet standard will be phased out entirely in favor of more open current standards like HTML5. All support for Flash will end by 2020. That seems like a long way off but in the internet and technology world it is right around the corner.

Flash was once king of video and rich interactions, this final decision to end development and support comes as a result of a few big issues. There were no standards for Flash development, as a result lots of poorly developed Flash gave users poor experience. As Apple embraced the early iphone poor experience was not acceptable and so they refused to support Flash on iOS. Finally Adobe failed to adequately maintain the security of Flash for users, dooming it to be blocked by default on most all modern browsers.

What this means to business and site owners is that it is time to begin transitioning to safer, more standard solutions for rich interaction and video. Curiosity is always looking towards the future and using the best technology. We’re here to help you replace Flash elements on your site with current, standards driven solutions.. We have a deep experience with the latest techniques in HTML5 animation, interaction and video playback,  allowing us to recreate what in the past could only be found in Flash. A big added benefit is that by using web standard solutions, the old concern of “Will my site be viewable?” becomes a thing of the past. Just like Flash.

It is also worth mentioning that updating your website shouldn’t be exclusive to those that still leverage Flash. Updating your site can help boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic. It just so happens this is also something we specialize in and would be happy to assist with. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Our hats off to Flash, an innovator in its’ day, now headed toward a well earned retirement.


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