Best Times (And Days) To Post on Social Media

Best Times (And Days) To Post on Social Media

*Please note that all times mentioned in the following blog post are presented in U.S. Central Time.

Social Media has become a huge staple in the daily routine of people around the world. We get up in the morning and check Facebook. 30 minutes later, we will begin to scroll through Instagram; brushing our teeth, we open TikTok. Ahhhh! Social Media is just a part of society and life these days. Businesses can take this opportunity to tune into the people and use it as an opening for targeted marketing. I’m sure you’re saying, “but how do I know when to post? What is the best day or the best time?” Of course, that’s what you’re asking; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here!

But, What IS the Best Time to Post?

 Instead of JUST hitting you with a link to our social media service offerings, we’re here to share some facts as well! Every Social Media platform has a niche demographic that uses its service. However, most folks want to use multiple platforms, so they don’t miss out on those beautiful and ever-important posts, likes, shares, and comments. Each Social Media network has its own set of statistics that show the waves of potential eyes rolling in every hour. Maybe you should post on Instagram at 8:30 but wait until 11:00 to post that TikTok you worked so hard to edit. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on each of the most popular platforms.

Based on our research in combination with a social media global engagement statistics study performed by SproutSocial, and global posts analyzed by HootSuite, below is an outline of what we suggest you follow for each platform. So, read them all, or skip to YOUR favorite, then click here to read more on the benefits of working with Curiosity on your social media marketing.


Facebook has been dominating social media platforms for nearly a decade. They see the most traffic and therefore are a favorite for marketing efforts. Facebook has the broadest spectrum with times to post. If you are dedicated enough to be up at 3 a.m., a post any day Monday through Friday will be seen by the masses on Facebook. If not, Tuesdays at 10 a.m. or noon seem to be popular as well!  Yes, we said 3am! Weird right? This early in the morning, 3am, there are likely fewer people posting, which means less competition in the feed. That could mean that you get some early engagement which then helps improve the reach of your post, and by, say, 9am, when more people are online, that early response helps ensure that your content is then shown to more people.

Stuck trying to think of good Facebook post ideas for your business page? Check out these 10 secrets to creating interactive Facebook posts your followers will love (with examples).


Apparently, Instagram users are a little later to rise. You will see the most traffic between the hours of 9am and noon on Monday through Friday, with the highest concentrations in this time window on both Tuesday and Wednesday.


One of the newer platforms on our list, but they are not the least! TikTok has quickly made its way to the top with its short-form video. From marketing to entertainment to information, there is plenty to take in on TikTok. If you want the most people taking in your content, you should post between 1pm and 3pm Tuesday through Thursday.


Twitter has been around for a long time and has been the go-to for up-to-the-minute conversations and breaking news topics, so it may be a good idea to integrate an interesting news topic with your post. Twitter is also one of the more spread-out platforms, and a little harder to nail down the perfect time to post. It is never a promising idea to post your most noteworthy items on weekend days on Twitter, but if you do, aim for later in the morning when users are awake. According to Hootsuite, Monday and Thursday mornings are ideal times for posting. Any other day, around 9 am, you are sure to catch some engagement as well!


LinkedIn, over the years, has been seen by many as a strictly business platform, but in the past year, we have seen it evolve. It’s still professional in content but becoming more personal. It has seen a lot of traction for marketing as well! LinkedIn sees the most engagement Tuesday through Thursday, between 9am and noon, with the highest spikes of use being seen during those same hours on Tuesday.

The Big Picture

 Mastering the “Rules of Engagement,” so to speak, for social media can be exceedingly difficult. Some people and businesses spend months, if not years, trying to create that one perfect viral post and most never get it. If you want to take on the challenge, follow the posting schedule we have laid out for you! It is sure to help you get the exposure you are looking for!

Partnering with a Professional Social Media Marketing Company

For businesses looking to make a splash on social media platforms, partnering with a professional social media marketing company is no longer an option – it’s a necessity! After all, having an active presence on social channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can help build customer loyalty, bring in new customers, spread your brand message far and wide, and provide lots of interesting content for your audiences. And since working with a talented team of professionals can ensure that these efforts are realized quickly and cost-effectively, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity?

Don’t just take our word for it. See what we can offer to help YOU get seen by as many folks as possible!

Happy Posting – Contact us today for your free social media marketing consultation!


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