Long Standing Family Owned Business Looks to Elevate Their Brand
Branding / UX / Web Design & Development

Rebrand a business? It's like music to our ears. GreasePro was looking to rebrand, build a new website, and more ways to elevate their business that has been a staple in our local community for 35 years.


Services Rendered

Branding / UX / Web Design & Development

As the business has grown (now with over 11 locations), the client wanted to introduce new branding, messaging, and a new digital presence to represent their service level. With growing competition and feeling like the current look was not quite at the level they wanted to be, it was time for a "tune-up." We began by first performing our discovery. We investigated numerous competitors, large and small, with our discovery process to ensure that the new branding would fit the bill of what we wanted to achieve. In this case, our position was to make GreasePro Stand out from the smaller one location shops and position them to compete with the larger franchise businesses appearance. Alongside the discovery, we also ran an inventory of existing social media pages, website, out of home advertising, and other avenues the current marketing collateral is being used. We found a mix of different logos, different slogans, and some information that could have been misleading for customers. This is no fault of the client; they have 35 years of assets floating around. Once we completed the discovery and inventory, we then went to the drawing board. After several meetings, a few rounds of design concepts, and talking about where GreasePro sees themselves in 10 years, we finalized a new logo, slogan, and complete digital DNA overhaul. When comparing the updated brand to their competitors, Grease Pro will now stand by itself and sit well in the position we set out to put them in.

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New Logo and Tagline

Curiosity created a new Custom Logo and tagline to elevate the GreasePro Brand. We also delivered a Brand Guidelines Book for GreasePro Employees to follow when referencing the business's brand in any sense.


Custom Website Design & Development

Curiosity created a newly redesigned website following our research of optimal page architecture, making sure customers can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.


Optimized and Refreshed Social Presence

Curiosity aligned branding, taglines, and messaging from the rebrand to tie all of GreasePro's digital DNA together. We also optimized their location pages for proper optimization and management.

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