Small Staff Not a Problem With Proper Marketing Automation
Web Design & Development / Marketing Automation / SEO / Social Media

When Bays Medical Society changed its name to Emerald Coast Medical Association, many improvements were needed to grow the organization. We have worked alongside the Association for five years now, which have all been full of growth.

Services Rendered

Web Design & Development / Marketing Automation / SEO / Social Media

Emerald Coast Medical Association has been a long-time client. and we have managed their growth and adaptation through some crazy times. The partnership has been through a lot, from changing names to a Category 5 hurricane. Our relationship began when the client requested help changing the Association's name to what it is now. After the name change was complete, and the new site was launched, we promoted the Association to Medical professionals around the area. The goal was to double membership each year. A lofty goal, but it was one we were able to achieve in the targeted period of time. But what next? We now had 400+ doctors we had to manage profiles for, carry correspondence with, and most of all, make sure they stayed involved with the Association. Enter Marketing Automation. After some research and outlining needs based on our discovery, we built an automation platform to help the small staff at ECMA continually and efficiently manage the association members and vendors.

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1200% Boost in Site Traffic

No that is not a typo. We increased the site traffic drastically.


98% Member Retention

With the automation we have in place, it is straightforward for members to get what they want and need. But most of all, this automation keeps transparency front and center.

Expansion of Territory

This is an indirect result, but with how the new updates to the Association were presented, a satellite association decided that they could not perform at the same level and decided to merge their Association into ECMA.

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