Let's Talk

How We Do It

Our Process is Simple. Think. Do. Rinse. Repeat.

Our Process.


The first step is always to ask questions. Our goal is not only to work with you and execute. We want to be your partner. A part of your team. Fully understanding how you work, helps us fine tune strategy.


Questions answered, we plan. Taking what we learn in discovery, we form a strategy and schedule we work from to execute your goals. Think of it as a playbook for success or a battle plan depending on your mindset.


Battle plan is set. Now to time to execute. Using our strategies and automation platforms we work to implement the plan. Constantly monitoring and adjusting this execution is vital.


Data is cool and we are nuts about it. After a campaign runs, we take all data and analyze for what worked, what didn't and where we can improve. No campaign is perfect, but we strive for perfection wehere we can.


Set it and forget it is not part of our mindset. Once we have pulled all data, digested it and put an adjusted plan in place. It is time to repeat the process. We strive for continued result growth.